MyGrow LED

MyGrow LED

The LED plant growth fixture

MyGrow LED Light

A highly durable fixture with high IP rating and passive cooling with aluminum & fans.

MyGrow LED light series offers a complete range of luminaries for horticulture and greenhouses. MyGrow LED series form factor resembles traditional HID/HPS lighting and offers an easy to install option for one-to-one replacement of HID/HPS light. MyGrow LED series lights are thus ideal for step by step investment in Led by replacing part of HID/HPS lights with more energy efficient Mygos wide spectrum Led lights.

MyGrow LED is a good choice for lighting in greenhouses and any other indoor applications with 300 Watts, 450 Watts & 600 Watts options.

MyGrow LED is the best solution substitute traditional HID/HPS lighting with low-cost lighting per unit area.

The MyGrow LED greenhouse luminaire was designed to illuminate large growth areas with high light intensity.