About Us

Our company has been providing software and consultancy services in the information sector for 18 years and has developed solutions for the collection of production data and hand terminal applications for production and assembly companies.

In 2015, we decided to expand in the manufacturing sector with the MYGOS brand with our experience in software and production projects. Firstly, we have formed a R&D team and started to work on producing LED lighting fixtures. By combining our experience in software development and  LED lighting fixtures, we aim to produce high value, competitive, automation manageable LED lighting fixtures.

Having seen the technological developments in the LED sector, our company has decided to take place as a manufacturer in the field of “LED Lighting” and has started to make all investments in this direction. In this frame, we started to present our first LED lighting products to our customers as domestic production in 2017.

Since the beginning of our production philosophy, we have aimed to create on the basis of domestic production, high quality, research based on technology, technology oriented, software managed, customer oriented, human, environment and respect for nature.

Vision, Mission, Values

Being the first lighting brand to come to mind in our country and in our close geography.

To contribute to the country’s economy by producing intelligent LED lighting products and systems that hold energy saving front panel.

Strategic Posture
Agile, Entrepreneur, Customer Focused

» Continuity of customer satisfaction
» To ensure continuous improvement of employees
» To work in accordance with business ethics rules
» Being creative and innovative
» Focus on team success
» Continuity of quality

» To be honest, trustworthy and fair
» Efficient use of resources
» Respecting social values
» Protect the environment
» To be hardworking

R&D and Production Management

Mygos conducts continuous research and development studies at the Mygos R&D Center in Teknopark Istanbul (TGB) in the direction of continuing the whole of the technology awareness and opportunities related to new technologies in the LED lighting sector.

Mygos identifies and implements appropriate methods for the success of R&D activities and carries out value-added projects for the development and implementation of new technologies.

We are creating prototypes of new and improved products of finished products without sacrificing quality. We are developing flexible and high quality solutions according to market needs, and the ability to create demand in the global market with the products we produce at Mygos Production Center.


We develop and produce environmentally friendly, high-quality lighting products that meet the expectations of our customers and are the most reliable way of life for the LED lighting technologies by:

– Continual improvement of our quality management system,
– Increasing the competencies of employees and being a participant,
– Ability to remain competitive by increasing productivity
– Technology development with our R & D activities.

It is our priority to produce products that are user-friendly, safe and remotely manageable, which are sensitive to the environment and are energy-saving.

We have a production approach that meets the requirements of national and international standards and considers total quality awareness at every stage of production. The provision of sustainable qualifications, the development of the quality system and the enhancement of employee competence are supported by planned internal and external trainings.

As a company with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 system certificates, the scope of our certification is increasing day by day.